Our Products.

All Businesses Have Different Needs And Requirements.

Rates as low as:

  • 0.75 % for Face to Face Debit Card Transactions
  • 1.25% for Face to Face Credit Card Transactions
  • 2.35% for E-commerce Transactions
  • 2.75% for Virtual Terminal and Keyed-In Transactions
  • Next Day Funding Available. 
  • Free Access to Daily Reports.
  • No Contract Required.
  • On-site Technical Support.

Different business types and business environments in which transactions are processed qualify for lower rates.

Than Not,
A One-
Plan Will
Not Fit

Call us to see what rate your business qualifies for on one of our programs.


We have the latest technology credit card terminals along with smart phone, tablet, laptop and desktop processing solutions. Internet connection allows the processing of credit card transactions in-store, on-line or on-the-go. Don’t have an internet connection? Stand Alone desktop credit card terminals available to process transactions through telephone lines or a Wireless Credit Card may be the best solution for your business environment. If you have existing credit card equipment, we may be able to use it to lower your costs.


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